Saturday, June 14, 2008

Verse of the week -- Deuteronomy 6:5

Life is like a bag of chocolates . . .

Too many people find their philosophy for living wherever they can, wherever inspiration hits them. While on vacation, we had a little bag of chocolates that we enjoyed now and then. Each wrapper had a saying printed on the inside, and as I read them, I realized that a lot of people probably buy into the ‘promises’ flaunted in these little packages.

I actually found many of these sayings somewhat offensive. Here is just a sampling:

When two hearts race, both win

Watch reruns, they replay your memories

There’s a time for compromise . . . it’s called later

Temptation is fun . . . giving in is even better

Of course, the outside of the package sums it up, “My moment, my Dove – indulge.” To borrow a bit from Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box, er, bag of chocolates.” Here in this seemingly innocent bag of chocolate I found a summation of so much of what is wrong with our society. Living for the moment, for selfish gain, personal indulgence. Rather than some profound truth, I found profound error in this bag of chocolates, surprise, surprise.

While mulling these somewhat repulsive, fortune cookie type writings, I heard Pastor James MacDonald on Walk in the Word and his focus for the day: Selfishness is the opposite of joy. That’s what I needed to hear. The depth of that truth said more than any of those shallow wrappers could teach me. How often do I live for myself and end up unhappy? How often do I grumble about some personal injustice instead of seeking more ways to serve others? How often do I defend my “rights” at an eternal cost?

True joy, peace, thrills, everything good comes only in God and a right relationship with Him. Not living for myself, or some temporary indulgence, but living for Him with all my heart, soul, mind, strength, passions, energy, emotion, focus, and motive. How often do I give just some or most of my strength, soul and mind? He deserves it all and surrendering it ALL to Him will have a dramatic impact on each day of my life and generations to follow.

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

~Deuteronomy 6:5~

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