Thursday, June 5, 2008

How does your garden grow?

For a third year we have planted a garden, learned so much each year. The first year we could not believe how much grew despite our ignorance, and I continue to marvel at God's creative plan that each plant would reproduce after its kind. We share this rather large plot with three other families. Sharing works well because we each have our favorites, and different schedules, but working toward a common goal.

Already this year we have picked baby spinach leaves. My two year old kept coming back for more. They are incredible!

Won't this lettuce make a beautiful salad? I can't wait, just another week or two . . .

More mixed greens. They are loving this cool spring we continue to enjoy here.

And, a unique plant, the Jerusalem artichoke (the big ones in the middle -- ignore the multitude of weeds around). These come back each year and can be harvested all winter. I got a couple starters from my mom this year and will have to work to contain them in the corner of the garden, but they provide an interesting vegetable kind of like jicama if eaten raw, and similar to potatoes, with a little crispness, when cooked.

This time of year is always a bit of 'where's-waldo' looking for wanted growth in the midst of all the weeds, but it gets better and is worth the effort. You don't get more nutrient dense than straight from the non-chemically treated garden.

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