Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Politics and Religion, or just plain religion

I walk a different path than most. The road less traveled as Robert Frost said. One that appears to some as foolish or senseless. At the end of this pathway, thanks to none of my own works, I will enjoy an eternity in the presence of God based on His deep promises and the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Many say they walk this path, adopt the name “Christian,” believe they will arrive in heaven, and yet look at my faith as extreme.

Today as I checked into CNN for my news, I came across an article on James Dobson’s views on Barack Obama, and I could not keep quiet, despite the limited time I have this week. I read not only the article, I read many of the disparaging comments, and then went to Focus on the Family's website and listened to the broadcast and some of the Obama clips.

After listening and reading the many disgusted comments left on the CNN article I realized again that many will not understand the path that I walk, even those that think they accompany me on the same road. They may call it a harsh religion, bigoted, narrow-minded. Yet, a true critic must take a closer look. Apart from the Holy Spirit it still will look the same I suppose.


A religion whose God of all gods and Lord of all lords offered Himself as the guiltless, atoning sacrifice to make a way where there was none? He took on Himself what I deserved. He didn't die on the cross simply because people killed Him, He died out of choice, to fulfill the plan laid out in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate the fruit.


Extended, open arms to all who come with repentant hearts, as we stand where the ground is level, at the foot of the cross. All those condemned as sinners are welcomed regardless of any background, choices, personalities, family connections, or perceived short comings.


When we know only one way has been laid, and that way at the cost of a Life, why cheapen the cost or hide the way so others pass in ignorance?

The critics of Dobson hold nothing back. They label him a ‘radical cleric,’ no better at interpreting the Bible than a dog, leading a pack of ‘freaks,’ and narrow-minded. I suppose I take this personally because they really toss these terms at all evangelical, Bible believing Christians, with his comments on the bull's eye right now.

Yes, Biblical Christianity appears narrow, biased, and at times harsh to our eyes. I still take the Bible in its entirety as God's Word. Every chapter, every verse, every line. Obama's words, and the laughter that followed, come across to me as mocking the Bible (or at least the passages that he sees as irrelevant or inaccurate) and I take that personally. He may attempt to appeal to people of 'faith' (faith in themselves? in humanity? in a better world?), but he won't get my vote. He challenges people to read their Bible, and that is about the best advice I have heard from him. I don't know who will win this election, and I don't carry a lot of optimism either way, but the more I hear from Obama, the more leery of his rhetoric I become.

I walk a different path, a largely misunderstood one. A path many claim to walk, but truly know little about.

I place my hope in Christ alone and pray that my life may draw others to follow my King on this "foolish," narrow path. The way may seem perilous, but the end is sure. Eventually we will all know the truth in living color and I want to help as many face that day with confidence as possible.


Guinevere Meadow said...

I feel so torn with this election. Unfortunately, just because a man is a Christian does not mean he will make a good leader for the country. The opposite is also true: a person who is NOT Christian might be excellently qualified for the job.

This is a hard decision that we're all going to have to think and pray about a LOT before November!

5intow said...


Thank you for that comment. It is true, that someone's religious stance does not guarantee the qualification or lack thereof for leadership.

It does bother me that many politicians pretend to be things they are not often by using certain terminology or attending special events. For the office of president I do like to vote for individuals that have similar moral beliefs to my own, but that is not the only thing to look at.

Definitely, keep praying!