Thursday, June 12, 2008

To and from

A little more of our vacation, starting with the trip there and the trip home from DC. On our way out we stopped in Canton, Ohio, which is home to . . .

Anyone know? I'm sure some of you do
- The NFL Hall of Fame:

The boys went (my husband, Blake and Nathan), and apparently the commissioner requires all rookies to visit the hall and get a lesson on the history of the league. So, Charles and the boys got to hang out with some real NFL players and listen to hall of famer Ozzie Newsome give them all the tour and pep talk. Very cool. If you are ever in the area around this time of year, there are often rookies visiting. You can check their website for dates and team listings. They were there the same day as the rookies from the Bills, the Browns and the Patriots.

Early June is a great time to travel, if you are able to. Many students still have classes to finish up and the summer construction season has barely begun. We enjoyed fairly moderate weather on our trip although we did pass through a couple horrendous storms. God protected us through it all without major incident, and with fairly good travel times as well. After four days in DC we decided that we had a little extra time, so we added a stop 'on the way' home. We ran up to Niagara Falls and enjoyed the breathtaking views there.

A little weary from traveling, but enjoying the view nonetheless.

Again, the park was mostly empty and we had no lines to wait in anywhere. We took the Maid of the Mist boat ride and the kids were pretty impressed.

Gotta love the blue ponchos. :-)

The park itself is beautiful also with some wildlife and wonderful flowers and walkways. We spent a few hours there before getting in the car and heading for home (well, after 11 hours of driving, and another night in a hotel).

Pictures do not do the falls justice.

More to come, the final edition . . . Washington DC itself.

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