Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekly wrap up -- "staycation" edition

We had a wonderful, action packed week this week. My husband had vacation time he was about to lose, so had to take a week off. With no plans to go anywhere, and our vacation fund still on the low side, we opted for a "staycation."

The Chicago area has lots to do and see, so we easily filled our days with lots of great memories. Many of these days deserve whole blog posts in and of themselves, but for now they will all get lumped together here . . .


Finally a warm, not too rainy day! We set up our pool and "water slide" and the kids had a great time enjoying almost summer-like weather. We also did some yard work -- mulching and weeding. Unfortunately, for some reason I passed out near the end of this task and we spent the evening at the doctor learning that it was "nothing." However, we changed our Tuesday plans since I still felt a little woozy the next day.


Hung around home, started cleaning the school room. This task got much bigger than I
had anticipated . . .

Before I started, this closet shows its collection of "stash and dash" items

Nearing the finish line, most things back where they belong, and the excess moved elsewhere. Some of the "elsewhere" is still the middle of the floor, so I need to get back to work!


In the morning we enjoyed the $1 summer movie, The Tale of Desperaux. We swung by the library and logged our books for the summer reading program (love that program!)

After a quick lunch at home we packed up and headed to a state park. Everyone enjoyed hiking the trails, wading in the water, or walking across the stepping stones, playing at the should-be-outlawed metal slide, and just having a wonderful time together.


Another recovery day . . . couldn't believe how wiped out we all felt from the busy day on Wednesday. So, we enjoyed a lazy day at home. Did a bit of gardening during the day and a baseball game in the evening.

My tomato plants that I successfully grew from seed this year. yeah!

My not so proud moment, can you find the lettuce?
Yeah, I need to do a little more weeding in this part of the garden.

Found this GIANT weed growing across the sidewalk from our garden.


We headed out for another action packed day at Legoland. A bit overpriced for what they have to offer, but we have some big Lego fans in our family, so even after 6 1/2 hours they were barely ready to go home. We did return home, to a rained out ball game, and all packed up for a great time of fellowship at our small group that night.

Now, a weekend full of three baseball games (two are makeups because we keep getting rained out), and preparation for VBS this coming week. We will be wiped out by next weekend, but I know we will have lots of fun in the process. Cant wait!!

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Kris said...

I love those kinds of weeks -- well, except the passing out part. Glad it was nothing. Legoland looks really cool. I have a boy here who would love that.

Courtney said...

Love the new look on your site! Where did you get this template? Lovely!

Hope you are feeling better. Passing out is scary stuff.

5intow said...

Courtney, Doing well now, thanks. The new template was a learning experience, still needs a little work, but I found it (with lots of instructions!) on There's a link in the footer as well. We played around with it a lot and altered colors a bit, but the basic template come from them.

Thanks for the feedback.

Cheryl said...

I would love to see a Legoland! A staycation sounds wonderful. Ah, a family week without the big budget, lovely.