Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Booking it

With summer has come time for some deep cleaning (yeah!) -- I have stressed to the kids what a privilege they have to clean. Yes, they have a lot of chores, because they have a lot to take responsibility for, and a lot to give thanks for. Brainwashing. It's working, kinda.

And, we have lots of time to read, with lots of motivation (library, Barnes & Noble, Chuck E Cheese, etc.) Everyone and their boss seems to want to reward my kids for reading. I won't complain.

So, just what are we reading this week . . .

I am continuing to enjoy Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas, a book filled with such sweet encouragement.

My kids have been plowing through books, and I figured I would mention the groups of books they have read:

Blake (12 yo) has been rolling through a number of Matt Christopher books. These are kind of easy reading for him, but after a hefty school year I cut him a little slack. My husband asked if he found any new books to read and he said he thinks he has read them all. Somehow ignoring the thousands of other books at the library. If it is not related to baseball, apparently it doesn't really qualify for reading.

Paige (9yo) LOVES Cam Jansen. This is her third time through the series. No other books have captured her this way. We tried Nancy Drew Notebooks and they just didn't measure up. She likes listening to weightier stuff, but when I leave the choice to her, it is always Cam Jansen.

Faith (7yo) is finally reading independently and will devour stacks of easy readers in a sitting. Anything with horses draws her attention, and some of her favorites are the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa books.

Other read alouds:

We just wrapped up God's Smuggler, about Brother Andrew. Riveting! We loved this story, and had to finish it quickly because it was on loan from another library. My kids didn't complain in the least when we spent almost four hours on the last day finishing it up. They were just disappointed to hear it end. A story to stretch your faith, broaden your world vision, and inspire you. As Faith said, "He has miracles happen to him almost everyday!" Living by faith, an incredible testimony.

Our car rides recently took us through Sign of the Beaver. A story we read a few years ago, but most of the kids didn't really remember it. They enjoyed the adventures with the Indian boy and the description of pioneer life as told through the eyes of an older boy living on his own. Another great book, which appealed to all of the kids. I love books that drop you in a new setting and make everything come alive.

Now, we have just started Amos Fortune, Freeman. I think it was partly the narrator and partly the story, but the beginning took a little bit to get into, unfortunately. Which seems odd, because not long into the story a raid on an African village begins the terrifying trip into slavery for this young prince. Vivid without being vulgar (which is difficult in describing slavery), this story promises to keep our attention now through the dramatic life of this prince turned slave turned freeman.

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Tracey said...

God' Smuggler is a book I haven't heard of - will have to add it to our list! Will also check out the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa books as I have 8 and 6 year old girls.

The Happy Housewife said...

There are a lot of books I haven't heard of on your list. I am going to check them out and add them our lists! Thanks for participating!

Laura said...

My eight year old LOVES Cam Janson too! I'll have to try the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa books... sound interesting.

5intow said...

Tracey, God's Smuggler is written by the same authors who wrote The Hiding Place, about the life of Corrie Ten Boom. It is well written, and a compelling story!

Toni, glad to introduce you to some new ones. And, thanks again for hosting this.

Laura, Cam Jansen is definitely habit forming. My daughter really needs something a little more challenging, but I haven't found anything that captivates her in that way.


Courtney said...

Looking forward to checking out Sacred Parenting. It has been popping up on my radar a lot lately.