Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer school

We had our first day back at the books today, and had a lot of fun in the process. Our whole atmosphere is a bit more relaxed since we don't have anything we "have" to get done. No tests, no writing (at least not today, that's coming), just fun time reading and talking together.

I had gotten a book at a garage sale for a whole quarter a while back that I thought I would pull out to use this summer, and did not know what to expect from the kids in response. When I showed them the topic they all oohed and ahhed, and got more animated than I had expected.

The topic? Law. Yep, apparently my kids look forward to getting permission to argue with each other. I hadn't thought about it in depth before, but I have two kids that love to "reason" with anyone and I have another who loves mysteries. We are in for a fun couple weeks.

Today we discussed the far reaching impact of the legal system, types of cases (criminal and civil), and acted out a "scuffle" so we could learn terminology and understand "assault" and "battery." I could not believe how involved they all got in the whole scenario and discussion afterwards.

Summer school is going to be a lot easier than I had anticipated.

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