Thursday, June 18, 2009


A while back I read a WeE-book on looking for the fruit in our children and it keeps coming back to me. The author offers some insightful thoughts on spying the fruit at the various stages of childhood, and identifying our own hindrances to finding and cultivating the fruit.

In recent weeks I have been drawn back to this analogy as my novice's garden comes to life.

As I looked at the blossoms I found joy in them. As a mom, I sometimes get frustrated with the blossoms because I want to jump to the fruit!

Now, as I see the green fruit I anticipate the color coming in to the berries and the sweetness of the ripe fruit. I don't get upset with the berry for taking it's appropriate time to ripen, and yet at times I get impatient with my children for not showing maturity. I am reminded that is as silly as getting upset with a blueberry for staying green so long.

If I bit into a green blueberry I would expect it to taste unripe, and yet, when my children are squeezed I am disappointed that they respond with greater emotion than appropriate. I need to remember . . . they are not ripe yet. I still have a lot of work to do.

In the process, I need to enjoy the blossoms, appreciate the green fruit as it plumps up. They are showing signs of maturing, but it doesn't mean they are done yet.

This, on the other hand, does provide a reason for frustration:

Ripe for the picking, but pecked away before it could be enjoyed. All the more reason to pray over the growing harvest in our homes. Prayers of protection and diligence.

A green fruit is not a sign of failure, simply a reminder to be diligent.

Enjoying the blossoms and watching the fruit ripen in our children's lives is definitely one of the Finer Things! And, you can enjoy more Family Friday posts as well.


Sarah said...

Great post! This will be something I ponder today.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Such a good post. Great reminders... I am guilty of frustration with the green.

Homemaker Barbi said...

Thanks so much for joining us in Family Friday! My daughter found an errant strawberry plant yesterday, but it was underneath the spot where we put the trash for pickup! I don't guess we'll be eating those strawberries :)

Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi