Saturday, May 30, 2009

Report Cards

As we head into our more relaxed summer schedule, I like to take some time to look over our school year and make a more permanent record of the academic days gone by.

A few times each school year I like to sit down and go over the books. Look at test scores, homework accuracy, areas of growth and challenge. Although it isn't required in our state, and doesn't go anywhere except the file in the closet, I also use this information to compile a report card for each of my school age kids.

I searched around for ideas, and eventually used Publisher to put together my own report card personalized just for our school.

The back has our school name, year, verse and grading standards.

The front has the student name, grade, subjects with marks for each quarter, and a well used comment section. The comment section is the most important to me. I want to make sure I record their strengths, weaknesses, improvements, and even goals as appropriate.

It makes me laugh when teachers have their list of sample comments to pull from so the report cards don't all look pre-printed. My problem was finding a card format that gave me enough room to say all I wanted to. This card gave me adequate room, but kept me from being wordy or superficial.

Compiling report cards has been a great way for me to consolidate the learning picture for each year and give me a record of the academic progress. And, you can use them at places like Chuck E Cheese, Krispy Kreme, and other stores that offer incentives for good grades.

Other resources you might find helpful in formulating report cards:

Homeschool report cards have definitely worked for us.


Joy @ Five J's said...

So glad you linked to WFMW. You have a great site here! We're finishing up our 4th yr of homeschooling and I love to hear how other people run their homeschool.

I'm kicking off a weekly homeschool meme next Thursday, sort-of a WFMW-type, but with homeschooling as the theme. I'd love for you to link up some of your great homeschooling posts!

tina in thailand said...

Thanks for posting how you handle report cards! I have looking for some ideas and internet resources on this. I will be checking out all the links you posted.
Appreciate all the work!

DarcyLee said...

There is so much help out there for homeschooling now than there was when I started years ago. Very good post!

Sharon said...

I'm going to start homeschool/preschool in August. I love this idea as just recently I've been really questioning the boys missing some of those important things (like graduations in a public school, report cards, and other things?). I like this idea!! Love your blog! I visit often and appreciate the motivation in HSing!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I don't homeschool our children, but has such respect for parents who take this on! I love reading how everyone does things. It sounds so rewarding!

5intow said...

Joy, I will definitely be there! I look forward to participating and gleaning from others.

tina, you're welcome, hope you find more helpful information.

DarcyLee, It is amazing how much more is available with each passing year. Now the challenge is which great resources to pass on because you simply can't use it all!

Sharon, Enjoy the journey, how exciting! There is no reason that any homeschoolers should "miss out" on anything that they would have enjoyed in a traditional school setting. If you need to, just find some other homeschoolers, and make it happen.

Paula, thanks for your kind words. It is fun to hear and learn from others, even if their experiences aren't quite the same as ours.

Thanks, everyone for stopping in!

Jenny said...

is he asleep? haha that's so adorable! :D

thank the gods i dont have to deal with report cards. not yet anyway. iuno if i'll really care, as long the kid graduates.

Anonymous said...

You can never be too prepared with homeschooling. My hubby made a website centered around my needs where I can print reports etc...

We opened it up to the world of homeschool moms, but it never quite kicked off. It is complete with lesson planner, grade book, chore charts, allowance accounts, chalk board, you name it. It's there.

I still use it, but, I also use Alpha Omega SOS which is a complete package as your kids grow older. Keeping good records is so important.