Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can't resist

Okay, I can't help it. Some things my kids do, I just can't keep to myself.

As my kids age and enter various stages I enjoy the genuine relationships that we build, the conversations we share, and even the struggles we wrestle through together. But, if I had to pick a favorite age, I think it would be the preschool years. The laughter, the discovery, the down right honesty that comes from their lips.

Nathan had a couple moments I just had to capture . . .

At the ball game last week, he tried a peanut. After a quick bite he handed it to me and said he didn't like it. I glanced at it and smiled. He liked it better after I took the shell off.

Tonight he asked for a piece of candy before dinner and I told him 'no.' A few minutes later he emerged from his room and announced that I would no longer be in charge of him because he had prayed and asked God to not have me be in charge of him any more.

I explained to this budding theologian that God's Word already says parents are in charge of their kids and He wouldn't answer a prayer that went against His written will.

He looked at me sympathetically and said, "But, I said 'please'."


moofam@hotmail.com said...

I LOVE THESE! Thanks for the pick me up:)

Luke said...

I love the peanut story [smile].