Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frugal Friday -- basketweaving

Last month, we enjoyed a special Keeper's Club meeting led by a local artist that employs recycled objects into her creations.

The results are beautiful, and resourceful.

With her help we created baskets made from old strips of cloth.

Here is how it is done:

First, cut strips of cloth about 1- 1 1/2 inches wide and about a yard or more length.

(Cut lots of strips of cloth -- at least 15 for each basket maker)

You can choose all different colors, coordinating colors, ribbon, old t-shirts, sheets, etc. If you don't have these around look at garage sales or thrift stores. Light weight material works best.

Next, braid the fabric three strips at a time. Begin by tying a knot at the top of the strips and then braid till you get to the end of the shortest piece. Fasten the end with a rubber band, twist tie, or another knot. Trim any excess material close to both knots.

After you have made about 4-5 braids you can begin assembling the basket. Begin with a tight coil and use a glue gun to attach as you go. You can also sew the rows together, but this is more time consuming and more difficult for little fingers.

As you continue to glue on additional braids, slant the sides up, begin gluing them on a diagonal on each other rather than just next to each other. The bowl is somewhat moldable when finished so you can flatten or curve it a little more if you desire.

My girls liked to make a taller container that they could hold pencils or other items in as well.

My son turned his into a chew toy for the dog. Simply take three of the braids and braid them all together and save yourself the $5-$15 on a chew toy at the store!

This is also the beginning steps for making rag rugs. Obviously, for those you keep a flat spiral and continue adding on. I don't think I'm that ambitious. :-)

Frugal, fun, and my kids over the age of 6 could even do it on their own (with a low temp glue gun, of course!)


Kris said...

What a fun craft project! I bet my oldest...and maybe my youngest...would like that.

shopannies said...

grandmother used to make crafts like these it looks like fun may be something I do this summer

ilovemy5kids said...

I love it! I esp. needed a "kitten" toy. That is truly awesome!

I would still need help doing the rug...or at least seeing it done. :)

Blessings to you!

Jimmie said...

Nice tutorial! I\'m bookmarking this to do with Sprite. She\'ll love it!