Friday, May 29, 2009


Found a great site in preparing for our final Keepers Club of the year. . .

I wanted to make certificates for the kids to give out with their awards and at 123Certificates you can print individualized certificates very easily. Donna Young had some, but not quite what I was looking for. 123 Certificates has a wide variety of styles and they are adaptable even further.

Choose from a plethora of artistic styles; fill in names, award or recognition, date, and other pertinent data; and then print it onto some nice card stock.

Very easy and they look great. As the program mentions, if headers or other page text are printing on your certificate, click on file and page properties. You can then turn off headers and footers.

Nice looking finished product for a cost of next to nothing! (and no running to the store for something I forgot to look for the last time I was out . . .)

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