Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weekly wrap up -- February 12

My little tiger. Always ready for action.

I started the week with great ambition (crafts already planned, among other things), but by Sunday afternoon I was already rethinking them . . .

Nathan, 3 years old, had woken up with a cough on Thursday night. What I took as a run of the mill cold, morphed into a double ear infection and by Tuesday night three more kids had an advanced case of the sniffles. So, while the week went mostly as planned, we did a bit of rearranging, and at times only took some of our crew to the regularly scheduled programming.

Monday around lunch time we joined our homeschool co-op for a Valentine's Day celebration which included a skit from the drama class I teach. The kids did a great job. My son had one of the key roles in this skit, his first one this year and it was great to see him rise to the occasion on stage.

Tuesday we could not let the beautiful weather pass unenjoyed and we headed to the zoo for a fun day. (More about the laughs on behalf of Nathan, here).

The animals were active and the zoo was not overly crowded (I assume most kids were stuck in a classroom on that day). :-)

For just the price of parking we had an amazing time together. Gotta love those free days!

Wednesday and Thursday we muddled through, most of us feeling okay enough to get done what we had to. At 9:30 on Thursday morning we read the Gettysburg address along with the rest of the students in our state in celebration of Lincoln's birthday.

Friday we held our monthly Keepers at Home club here at our house. The girls worked on storytelling and the boys covered ping-pong and chess. They all had a great time and had fun working together and building their repertoire of skills, both fun and practical.

Not too much excitement, but not every week can be bursting at the seams. Now I am looking forward to a few days off and hopefully back to business as unusual next week.

Enjoy spending your weekend with the ones you love!


Kris said...

I wish we'd thought to go to the zoo this week. We had a couple of days that would have been really nice for that...and parking is free at our local zoo. With our membership, it would have been totally free. I'll have to see what the weather this week is going to look like.

Hope your sick crew is feeling better soon!

5intow said...


Thanks for the get well wishes. I can't really complain, because this is our first real hit this winter.

Hope you find a moderate day to enjoy the zoo soon. It is so nice and empty this time of year!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a full week to me! I hope you're all feeling better soon, these germs are really hanging on this year.

Shannon and Alex said...

Oh, man, I wish I'd thought to read the Gettysburg Address. That was pretty smart! Hey, don't you love it when you can have a wonderful adventure outside. "Oh, you were in schoooooollll? Too bad."

Nekey said...

The zoo looks like fun. It has been nice here and I have thought about going. The animals would have been out and about enjoying the weather. :)

Hope everyone is well soon.

We had a KOF meeting scheduled this week but was cancelled due to sickness. We are working on stenciling. These meetings are always a lot of fun.

5intow said...

Yes the animals were quite active which made the trip extra fun. The gorillas were wrestling and the giraffes were coming right over to us.

Stenciling was a fun KOF project. We did that one last year and it was amazing how great they turned out. Hopefully you'll get to reschedule sometime!

Thanks for stopping in everyone

Erica said...

Oh the zoo looks like so much fun right now, haha! Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Your week sounds wonderful! The zoo looks so fun and sometimes a slower week is needed...especially with the sniffles!