Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keep it clean

This past week I found myself opening this cabinet far more than normal. And, each time I could find just what I needed.

A child has a headache? Children's medicine

Stuffy noses? essential oils

Coughing fit? Cold medicine

Foot ache? essential oils

Fever check? thermometer (after a kiss on the forehead and a snuggle)

And on, and on. Long ago I found the freedom of having an organized medicine cabinet (which we actually keep in the kitchen, but away from the heat of the stove and oven, more central for our house).

Here are some tips that have helped me for getting it organized and keeping it clean:

- Categorize -- figure out what work for you and put your groups together. We have containers for cold remedies, bandaids, children's medicine, ace bandages and splints, external creams and sprays, pain medicine, stomach discomfort, and we keep our nail clippers in one also. Essential oils and thermometer stay out for easy use.

- Label -- I find it much harder to mix things up if a label tells me where something goes. This also makes it easy for anyone that can read to find it, and for them to return it where it belongs. Anyone that can't read shouldn't be in the medicine cabinet on their own anyway. :-) Even in bleary eyed middle of the night visits to the medicine cabinet, I can usually get things back where they belong.

- Schedule a clean up -- To keep it organized I need to get rid of expired medicine and double check things now and then. This also helps me stay on top of what we might be running low on that I didn't notice when I gave out the last dose of it at three in the morning.

I hope to not have to use this cabinet as much in the near future, but for now, it works for me.


The Happy Housewife said...

Wow, great cabinet. We always seem to spend 2 hours at 3 am looking for a thermometer! I need to get my cabinet labeled and organized!

5intow said...

Thanks, Toni. I can definitely relate to the sleep walking search for the thermometer. It seems the worst illnesses strike at night, too. It's really such a little space to organize, but only used in moments of desperation, so it is easily forgotten, too.

Dave @ Home School Dad said...

What a great idea! I definitely want to organize the medicine cabinet. Thanks for the hope/

Jodi said...

great idea - I'll have to keep it in mind!

Thanks too for the wordpress Bible site - I'll have to check it out!

itsahumanzoo said...

That's great! I have all our medicines crammed into the cabinet in the bathroom. I never thought of putting them somewhere else!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

I love organization inspiration! I need all the help I can get to conquer our chaos! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving helpful suggestions on one-on-one time with kids! You have 5 kids to do it with -- I bet I could learn a ton from you! I'll be back to visit your blog later when I have more time to look around!

Meghan said...

I do this too! I use plastic stacking drawers in my hall closet and keep things labeled by ailment. My brain is always too foggy when I'm sick to find what I need. I have to keep it organized.

Life is Good said...

I especially like that you are able to store your bottles on their side, maximizing the space. It seems that we have so much wasted space.

{ L } said...

Wow! You are well stocked and organized. Thank you so much for the motivation. Much appreciated!

Katrine said...

Wow. I totally aspire to be as organized as you are. I am very impressed!