Monday, February 16, 2009

Curr click deal of the week

CurrClick has lots of great material for homeschoolers. And, if you didn't already know, each week they offer a free download.

This week they have a great ebook on President's Day available for free. This book has some great works of art featuring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, quotes for copywork, a short story about the famous cherry tree incident, and a longer story about the life of Abraham Lincoln.

I didn't get to all my planned crafts from last week, so we will carry some of those over to this week and use them along with the ebook. How perfect!

Also, unrelated, but another free resource . . . The latest edition of No Greater Joy is available online. This publication from Michael and Debi Pearl always offers some food for thought. I don't agree with all of their perspectives on parenting and the Bible, but they have been instrumental in our own home in raising our children in a way that honors God.

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