Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Make a difference for life

Have a few minutes to spare? Not many, really, just a few.

Often in our country we speak of the right to vote and the responsibility to act on that right. As true as that may be, we cannot let our political involvement stop there.

I know, I don't have a lot of time to spare either. There are a lot of things you can do without spending a lot of time to still be involved in the political arena.

Stay on top of the issues. You could never know all of the issues our representatives face each day, but we can learn more about the key ones, and the ones that we hold the most dear. We need to find people and sources that we trust to keep us informed.

Here are just a few:

Focus on the Family's CitizenLink.

National Right to Life.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

American Family Association.

Parental Rights.

Obviously there are many other conservative, political outlets, but these cover the topics I feel the greatest need to protect -- life, family, and homeschooling.

Make a phone call or send an email. I started this post with a greater intent than just sharing links. Right now you can invest a few minutes to call your senator and take a stand for life and for family rights. President Obama has nominated some individuals that take very extreme views against life and parents' rights and some don't seem to have strong qualifications for the positions they would hold either. To find out more about these individuals read more on the HSLDA site, or on CitizenLink.

If you don't know who your senators are this is a great opportunity to learn and get introduced into the system beyond election day. You can find their names and contact information a variety of places, including here or here.

It is painless! I was a little nervous the first time I made "a call," but they are generally waiting to answer your call and record your opinion of the issues or nominations at hand. And, these great sites give you tips about what to say and even offer cheat sheets to print out and refer to while calling.

CitizenLink did mention that it might be best to try calling your senator's local office because a lot of the DC switchboards are tied up with stimulus package phone calls. You can always email them as well if you prefer that route.

I would urge you to get involved. If enough of us voice our strong opinions in these cases it can make a difference. I have seen it happen before, and it is exciting to be a part of it.

So, do you have a few minutes to make a difference?

UPDATE: I just made my phone calls since they were closed when I was typing all this up last night. I did end up calling the in-state offices of my senators since I only got a recording in DC. The people answering the phone were polite and it took me longer to dial the numbers than to leave my message. They did ask for my zip code as well as taking my request.

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