Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mentoring moments

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Both Paige and I missed our Saturday morning tea time while I was away. So, we caught up this morning, and will resume our regular schedule this weekend.

The focus of our current chapter is obedience. Amazing how so many of these topics carry relevance both to children and adults. We had the challenge of evaluating our obedience for its heart quality.

Do I "obey" with rolled eyes (visible, or internal)?

Do I "obey" with haste, not completing a task as well as I could?

Do I "obey" without joy?

I know too often my obedience to God and other authorities is half hearted. Paige needs an example in this. Although she must obey regardless of my negligence in a certain area, I have a responsibility as a mother to model this for her.

As we turned to various Scriptures Philippians 2 came up. Before we read I gave an overview of what the chapter had to say and she said, "Yeah, Jesus had to obey even to his death! I don't have anything that hard that I have to do."

You're right sweetheart. And I still sit in awe of the simple wisdoms that come from your lips.

Joy in obedience, definitely a life long lesson. And, such an encouragement to know that growing right in my own household I have a fellow journeyman on this path to faithful obedience, one with the freshness of youth still bubbling.

The tea sets the stage, but the time shared could never have a worthy companion.

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