Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Joy

Where do I find my Christmas Joy?

Christmas joy comes in the little moments, usually after the big meal has been served and my mind is once again clear of my "Martha" worries.

Joy in extended family together, remembering Christ's birth through reading Luke 2 and singing Silent Night.

Joy in seeing my son, 11 years old now, and always overwhelmed by the generosity behind the gifts he receives. Not generally an emotional kid, but he actually gets choked up when thanking person after person for the gifts.

Joy in quiet moments spent head on shoulder of my husband watching the Christmas tree or listening to the kids joyfully sharing their new gifts.

Joy in traditions: sweet cereal for breakfast, finding the pickle ornament on the tree, driving around to look at lights, Christmas stockings, singing the rich carols.

Joy in the moments of discipline. Invariably one child complains rather than thanks after opening a gift (I have this, I don't like these, etc.) And, it becomes a moment to love, to teach, to instruct. I need to find joy in these moments, too. These "momentary, light afflictions" can produce an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison (both in my self and child), if we don't let it pass without joy in the opportunity to parent these little ones according to His Word.

Joy in the peace and hope that I have. So foolish to the world. So incomprehensible to those that build their lives apart from it. Jesus Christ, setting aside His glory to become flesh with the ultimate goal of paying the price for my sin. How can I not find joy in the celebration of this day?

Need more Christmas joy?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful is intertwined through all you do...the good and the difficult. You are a gracious woman. Merry Christmas. :) said...

I couldn't agree more:) What a blessing God gave me when he gave yout to me for a friend:)

Tracy said...

I agree too! Thanks for sharing!