Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freezer packs on the go


One simple idea that made our recent travels easier came in the form of a water bottle. We have lots of these floating around our house (probably need to declutter a few), and we took some along on our trip, naturally.

We also had two extra that we never actually drank out of. Each night we would put them in the freezer full of water (not very good tasting tap water). And in the morning they would go in the cooler to keep the contents cool until lunch. Sometimes we just stuck them in a plastic bag with the couple things we needed cool rather than a whole cooler.

This worked so well, cost nothing, used few resources (since we didn't need to refill the bottles after the first day), and took almost no time at all.

We also put a little "X" on top of the bottles so we knew they did not have good drinking water in them.

And, of course, packing a lunch everyday became so easy and saved us oodles of money while we enjoyed our day trips. Thought this might come in handy for those of you planning holiday travels in upcoming weeks.

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