Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mentoring moments - Proverbs 31

As I continue to meet weekly with Paige, my 9 year old daughter, I find it amazing to see God already at work in her tender heart.

Her favorite memory in recent weeks? Helping a friend at AWANA learn her verses.

Her insight into Proverbs 31? The chief quality in a wife should be God's righteousness.

Amazing the perception she already has into the things of God. She has challenged me, and encouraged me. Something I hadn't necessarily expected from her through these times together.

Sometimes mentoring is delightful, relaxing, motivational. And, sometimes, it is hard and tear-jerking, demanding diligence.

After a time of sweet conversation this weekend we then faced a struggle. Paige generally has a wonderful servant's heart. However, she really dislikes emptying the dishwasher. I saw her attitude bubbling beneath the surface as her eyes spoke, loud and clear, what her words did not. I gave her a gentle reminder to keep her emotions in check. She tried, for a while. As the task dragged on, she clearly needed an "adjustment."

I called her into another room and we talked a bit. Our recent conversation of Proverbs 31 came into play. I prayed with her. I then challenged her that she needed to confess her sin. That word seems so weighted it was almost hard to say. She balked at it, too. Sin? Isn't that a little harsh?

We talked about how complaining doesn't just come out of our mouth. Scripture clearly tells us to do all things without grumbling and complaining. Although her actions were obedient, her attitude resisted. So, if anything against God's will or not honoring to Him is sin, her attitude was sin, right? Oh, yeah. She saw it. A bit unwillingly, but as the Holy Spirit worked in her heart I saw her melt in tears of confession. I held her as she prayed for the forgiveness that God so freely promises to us in I John 1:9.

Restoration is so sweet. Growing together is priceless. Words can't even express fully what we experienced together there. As I commit to mentoring her as a daughter and as a growing young lady I can't let these opportunities to pass. She needs me alone on Saturday mornings and she needs me present and committed to her every moment in between as well.

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