Monday, October 27, 2008

God's unsearchable love

One of the exercises I love to include in my quiet time involves worshiping God through the alphabet. As today my focus hovered around God's love, I created my alphabet to further describe and marvel in His love. I added more words to some letters as they came to mind through my review of yesterday's sermon notes and rereading of I John.

God's love is . . .

A wesome, authentic, active, available

B oundless, breathtaking

C rystal pure, Comforting

D evoted, Deep

E ternal, for Everyone, Endless

F atherly, Faithful

G lorious, Generous

H eavenly

I ncomprehensible, Inspiring

J ust

K ind-hearted

L imitless

M ighty

N ever-ending

O mniscient (and still He loves!), others' focused

P raiseworthy, Pure, Perfect

Q uiet

R edeeming

S acrificial, Saving, Sheltering

T owering, True, Timeless, Transforming

U nlimited

V ictorious

W ashing

Y ours

Z ealous.

In all His awesomeness, His love extends to me. So precious.

I also thought today that God's love leads me through a spiritual circle of life.

As I know God, I love Him more. As I love Him, I love His creation more. As I love His creation, I know them more. As I know His creation, I learn more about Him. And so continues my circle of life.

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