Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday reward

The past few weeks we have enjoyed some smooth, productive weeks academically speaking. We have still enjoyed our share of bumps in the road and attitudes along the way, but I just need to rave a bit about our new found secret for these smooth, easy days.

Bribery definitely works.

As I mentioned at the start of this "experiment," we now offer a weekly reward for all students completing their school work by a certain time on Friday, and then we can finish our school week with something fun. So far, I have not had to hold back a reward from anyone. I have even increased the number of subjects that we cover on a more regular basis because their motivation keeps them trucking along so they can finish the school week a little early.

Faith and Brooke jammin' together.

This afternoon we will head to the local Best Buy as long as our morning goes close to planned. My son requested this to play the video games there. The girls were not quite on board with that idea, so we will also swing by McDonald's for sundaes for a double reward. I'll have to post pictures after our trip. (I actually remembered to bring my camera, and snag a couple shots of our Friday Reward!)

Sweet success!

This addition to our homeschool plan has helped to keep our gears in forward motion each day and create a more positive atmosphere. We constantly encourage each other to get a little more done, and use our time a little more efficiently to continually work closer to the goal. Some days still accomplish more than others, but overall we have gotten far more done each week than we did a month ago, with much better attitudes to boot!

We have only scratched the surface of reward ideas . . . ice cream, popcorn balls, snow cones, picnics, donuts, the dollar store, video game time, play dates. Half the fun is choosing the reward at the beginning of the week.

They are already plotting for next week.

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