Thursday, July 31, 2008

That's how it's supposed to work!

Last night our three year old told us that he had told his Sunday School teacher that he did not like to share.

Really? This is somewhat interesting, because he generally does a better job sharing than my others did at his age. Granted, he has less competition since he doesn't have a one year old taking all his stuff, but still . . . The fact that he would articulate this to another adult, and then share that conversation again with us (about the only sharing he did knowingly, I suppose), shows that he had some serious determination to avoid sharing.

As I talked with him about this my eight year old daughter joined the conversation. She has about the sweetest heart when it comes to sharing and putting other's needs first, so she can definitely talk with some authority on the subject. What does she bring up? The little boy who shared his lunch with the large crowd. The preacher just spoke on this Sunday in church and so it was fresh in all our minds, but I had not thought of bringing it up here anyway.

"Don't you want to share like the boy in the Bible that shared his lunch with Jesus and fed thousands of people?"


"But you never know what might happen when you share with others."


"Would you want all those people to starve?"

"Yep, or they can eat their own food."

"But they didn't have any. Sometimes you need to share what you have. Everything good comes from God anyway, so you should share what you have."

"Oh, okay."

My three year old may have acted somewhat unmoved and less than impressed, but Paige's wisdom in turning him toward Scripture and her gentle speech toward him were like a cup of cold water to me, and I'm sure the message got further than it appeared at the moment. Or maybe the learning in that experience was for her benefit . . .


amada said...


This is so sweet. Especially of your daughter. What a balm for your soul!

I just have to say though, that I think it is really sweet of your boy too. Honesty. He's still figuring these things out. Sometimes I don't like to share either... but I do. :)

Trujillo, Peru

5intow said...

Very true, Amy. It is easier to deal with when you know what they are thinking and feeling. At least I know he doesn't like sharing, even if he may do it. Another reason I enjoy this verbal stage.

Thanks for that reminder to keep a variety of perspectives on each situation we face as parents.

Jennifer said...

Wow, what an amazing 8 year old you have. And classic 3 year old behavior too. My daughter acts that way about sharing, but I don't think she could articulate it like your son. It sounds like you have great kids.