Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some helpful links and teacher appreciation

In seeking to streamline my blogging time I have been learning about RSS and decided to finally jump into it.

If you want more information about how to start up your own RSS check out this helpful blog post.

I know some people already subscribe to my blog, but for those of you who do not and would be interested, I will try to explain how. I haven't added the link to my blog yet (hopefully I will figure that out soon, too!) However, if you look next to my web address at the top of your screen you might see this icon:

If you click it you will have the option of adding it to your RSS feed. I am very, very brand new to all of this, so would encourage you to check out Simple Mom's post that is very easy to understand and follow along. Hope that info is helpful to some of you that may be bumbling through blog land with me.

Another website I was excited to find contains the full text of a book I would like to read called Henry and the Great Society. Now I can read it from my computer as I have time. Thanks, Handprints on the Wall, for the tip! I have heard great things about this book. Here is just one review of the powerful story that this book offers.

And for teacher appreciation . . . if you homeschool (or are a teacher outside the home) and have a Staples nearby you can check out this site for the date of their teacher appreciation day. They have great, FREE goodies to get your school year started right.

Here is one more site that lists all the other stores that have teacher appreciation events. Most of these have great goodies. I especially love my Office Depot Star Teacher cloth bags. I use them all the time for grocery shopping and hauling stuff around.

Some of these require that you have school identification. If you would like to make one to bring with you and feel official, this site will allow you to make your own card (or a child's school ID). If you would like to pay $7 they will even send you a sturdy, plastic one to carry around with you.

The school year is definitely right around the corner as we head into August!

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Therapy Mom said...

HI! Thanks for the encouragement and for adding us to your Chiari prayer list! I also appreciate your post on RSS feeds. I don't get them and would like to do it too! I'll check out your links!