Thursday, July 3, 2008

A couple items of importance . . .

In the last couple days I received a couple emails that I hope many of you are aware of, but if not I wanted to spread the word. Two very different circumstances, but related to the same issue -- the state of the traditional family in our world, and in particular our nation, today.

First, for just over a year now there has been an organized movement to get a Parents' Rights Amendment proposed, and hopefully ratified. This has now been proposed, and I would urge each of you to contact your representative about sponsoring this. The website also has more information about the actual wording proposed and how to support this effort.

Here is the text of an email that I just received from the organization:

Parental Rights Amendment Introduced!
Contact your Representative today and urge them to support the Parental Rights Amendment.

The Parental Rights Constitutional Amendment bill has just been introduced in the House of Representatives! Our bill number is H. J. Res 97. Rep. Pete Hoekstra introduced the proposed constitutional amendment which is designed to preserve and protect parental rights from future erosion. Preserving parental rights for generations to come is an issue that concerns every parent across this nation. That’s why now is the time to get your Congressperson to support this vital bill.

The introduction of the Parental Rights Amendment signals the opening of an important discussion in Congress. So we encourage you to begin engaging Congress on the issue of parental rights today.


You can contact your member of Congress here.

Write, call or email with a short message urging your member of Congress to stand in support of H. J. Res 97, the Parental Rights Constitutional Amendment. Encourage them to contact Rep. Pete Hoekstra to add their name to a list of potential Co-Sponsors.

And look for more updates as we move forward with this vital effort!


Kristin Wright
Deputy Director

It only takes a few minutes to send of a quick email to your representative asking them to take a stand for parents.

Secondly, the American Family Association has organized a boycott of McDonald's because of their proactive support of the LGBT community through sponsorship of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. You can find more information about this here, as well as sign an online petition. Boycotts like this have been effective in the past with persuading companies to reconsider where they place their financial backing.

Although I feel it is important to educate myself and act on issues like these as I have time, their prevalence also reminds of the importance of my own family. I don't respond maliciously or with hatred, or with a sense of superiority. I see with sadness that so many families and individuals have lost their way in this world. Tricked into thinking that happiness will not allude them if they simply try a different path in this life.

I know the truth that guides my actions in this life and promises me victory and joy for eternity. Being a part of movements such as these I pray that the swell of support will make some of those that disagree to reconsider what we have to say. I also pray that in my own life, in my own home, it will be clear that we walk according to a standard that was laid at the foundation of the world, not arrogantly or out of bigotry, but with love, inviting others to join us in this journey. Walking step by step in the feet of my Savior who died for my own sins as well as those I see around me.

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