Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just another day . . . not!

Today we have had the usual:

- My husband received a letter that said he left an essential line blank on our tax form and he needs to file an adjustment with the amount he actually gave in allowance, or else just give $20 to the nearest child and they'll call it even.

- An explosion occurred when they opened our front door

- A raisin came out of the toothpaste tube

- My husband sent out an email to the teachers at the school we work at that an error occurred when he was compiling report cards on the computer and all the grades would need to be reentered

- The school's cook changed the clocks and then woke her daughter saying she was late for school. Her daughter retaliated with a phone call mid-morning saying she was suspended and on her way home.

My extent of April Fool's jokes involved telling my mom there was a spider in the hallway. That's how long ago I pulled an April Fool's joke and an example of my ingenuity, or lack thereof, in the prank area.

Want to cook up an interesting meal or snack? Look here.

I would be just fine without this 'special' day, but for those interested, have fun! And, if you care to share, please do so. I enjoy laughing about the ideas, just not coming up with, executing, or receiving them.

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