Sunday, April 13, 2008

Becoming Rich in God

Somehow I still find myself amazed at how amazing God is. I don’t know why I don’t get it already that He has complete control, that He has orchestrated this wonderful thing called life.

After posting my verse for the week, I go to church and they announce that the food bank has little to offer those in need right now and next week they want people to bring food and household items to replenish it. My list of ways to live out ‘leaving the corners for others’ just got a bit longer. Then, the Pastor opens up to Luke 12:13-34, and begins teaching on becoming rich toward God. The passage begins with someone in the crowd asking Jesus to officiate a dispute over inheritance. Jesus declines and then uses the opportunity to teach the crowd about holding loosely to the things of this world and clinging only to God.

Some highlights, that I will carry into this week:

- Money clogs our spiritual arteries! (reminded me of the rich man and the eye of a needle)

- Pursue Christ as the ultimate source of satisfaction and fulfillment (we tend to surround ourselves with stuff, and think we don’t even need Christ)

- The answer to covetousness and greed is contentment and generosity (The Bible says great gain comes through Godliness and contentment, not that with Godliness and great gain we will find contentment).

- Draw the line at enough, and give the rest away (I have a whole other post that I had almost finished on this idea, but I have more thoughts to add now.) Part of the trick for me and my house is figuring out what is really ‘enough.’ How much do we need for future savings – retirement, college funds, emergency funds, etc.? God will provide, so how much do we trust, and how much do we save the abundance he has sent our way? These are questions we address on almost an annual basis in our home. The answer changes, too.

- Seek first His kingdom. Not my own security, comfort, or contentment, but rather His glory and honor.

I know God has more to say about this topic. He has already given me pause to think. I will be on the lookout in the week to come for what else He has to teach me.

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Guinevere Meadow said...

I'm seeing this as a theme among Christian mommy blogs lately. Many of us are bemoaning the realization that we've got way too much "stuff" cluttering up our houses and lives.

We're getting ready to move to a new house across town, so I've been slowly packing things away, starting with things that we knew we wouldn't need for the next couple of weeks. I'm amazed at how much stuff I've realized we don't "need." If I can do without it for a week or two, then I probably don't really need it at all!