Monday, July 11, 2011

What I'm not doing

Debra started it. :)

The hot summer day that swelters and keeps brain function minimal encouraged it.

I shouldn't really complain. We're nearly 20 degrees cooler than our neighbors to the south a bit. But, I'm a 60 degree kind of gal, so 90 just doesn't sit well with me.

So, I sit here on this hot, hot, hot day. Too humid for walks, too hot for the park. I just sit here and wait for the thermometer to drop.

What am I not doing today?

I'm not homeschool planning although I finally have the time. Months of mental preparation will do me no good unless I get it written down. Tomorrow, really. That's first on the agenda at nap time.

No Co-op planning either. Again, rough mental images need crystallization. I can't teach from never written notes. So, need to plan out the 10 weeks until Christmas. Excited to do this, truly I am. Just need to figure out where to start.

I'm also not rewriting our schedule. I know where I'm headed with it, but if they don't see it on paper or on the board on the wall, it makes no difference. Gotta get that done and posted by the time "summer school" starts next week.

I'm also not writing thank you cards that are already a month late. At this point I'm ashamed to say they probably will just never get done. I appreciate the gifts, I just am habitually negligent about writing thank you cards.

Most of all I am not compiling my to-do list to remember all the other things I'm not doing that I should be. Maybe the day after tomorrow, or the day after that . . .

To save my sanity I need to focus on what I am doing, and remember the treasures this hot day did bring --

Sprinkler giggles as the 14 month old discovers this summer ritual

A full house of happy kids, eleven of them. Extra playmates for the morning.

Green tomatoes showing promise of what's to come.

Quesadillas devoured.

Abundant fresh summer fruit.

Kids pretending to live outside in the "wild" and feasting on lettuce from the garden that they wouldn't usually eat voluntarily as the "days" tick by.

Each day full of tremendous blessings. Yes, lots still not done. But, so much enjoyed that I guess I shouldn't really worry about it.

There's always tomorrow.


Debra said...

Oh, I love it! Glad I could inspire you!!!

Amazing what kids will eat if they "have to" as survival food, huh? I love that...

6intow said...

Thanks for the prod. :)

Yeah, my kids were really roughing it. They said if they were ever locked out of the house for like two years they would just go to a store and all they would need is money.

They don't have a distorted view of reality at all. ;)