Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Then and Now

When I first started homeschooling I worried about stuff. Stuff that seems funny to me now. Stuff that a young mom with a preschooler, a two year old and another on the way worries about.

Now I still worry, but different worries. Such a different season, so quickly surrounding me.

At first I worried that school might get in the way of life. Now I worry that life might too often get in the way of school. But, I also realize that life and school are sometimes the same thing.

Used to worry that the kids would miss out on some things. Now I'm thankful they miss out on certain things.

In the beginning we played a bit more. Now, our days are a bit too full of subjects. Still always learning balance.

Brooke loves her workbooks.
Does them on non-school days when I let her.

I thought we read a lot before. Now we read A LOT!

I worried about them learning enough. Now I wonder if they can learn too much . . .

Worried that I couldn't handle the challenge. Now I worry that my faith is too small to keep trusting God with the challenge, because I know I can't handle it.

I worried about the time going to fast, finding the right curriculum, and teaching to each of my kids the way they need to learn. I still worry about those. Not worrying would be like not caring in some areas.

As much as times change and schedules grow, some things never change.

I still adore being home with my kids. How could I ever bear to miss these moments. How could I ever bear for them to miss these moments.

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Rachel said...

Nice post. I love the pictures:) I have missed you! Isn't is cool how some friends you can just pick up like nothing even though you haven't seen each other for 20 years:D Come visit some time!!!