Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WFMW -- Summer goals

Beating the summer blues part one.

Summer has already lasted a little too long. And, really it has yet to begin.

Since Eli's birth kicked off our summer break a little earlier than usual, we have already felt the sting of the summer doldrums.

Last week I felt so energetic that we decided to take our structureless days and give them some direction. We decided to set goals.

Every now and then I feel the need to reset my habits. And, in evaluating my kids' habits, I realized they could benefit from the same. We countered this the easy way, by setting individual goals and sharing them so we can encourage each other to reach them.

I told the kids to each set one goal for each of four categories and gave them some ideas to start with:

Nutrition -- Eating more vegetables than required, not eating sweets, skipping seconds, drinking enough water, etc.

Exercise -- doing sit ups everyday, running around the lake twice, riding the bike for 20 minutes, etc.

Spiritual -- Praying every morning, Reading the Bible everyday, memorizing a verse

Chores or time management -- Doing chores without being asked, getting ready for bed on time, Reading a book each day.

After we each compiled our lists we also came up with rewards for accomplishing them. This was a little more challenging. If I had told my kids they could have sweets for each reward met we would have had an easy time. But, rewarding healthy goals with unhealthy food or habits is not what we are going for.

Some of their rewards: watching a video while exercising, Silly Bands, money, and computer time.

We have enjoyed this method so far and look forward to continuing it through the summer and beyond. It is sometimes hard to be consistent, but it is great to all be in this together and to have some motivation to keep trying even when you struggle.

Any other ideas for rewards? My kids are definitely looking for some other options in that department. The sillybands work, but only for now . . .

The goals in general though, have definitely worked for us!


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great goals and privileges! I have my kids set up with chore chart online and they can put in what they did for day. They even get to pick what privileges they get. :D

Eos Mom said...

Those are great goals and categories (goodness knows I need to work on all 4)!!! As for rewards, maybe the whole family plays a board game together after a day when everyone has reached their goals....