Monday, June 14, 2010

Super Star Speech -- rewind

We had an amazing thing happen this past week. My son learned a new word, well lots of new words. All because he learned a new sound.

You may remember that a couple months ago I reviewed a product for the TOS Crew called Super Star Speech. I was quite impressed with the product as it helped me pinpoint the areas in my four year old's speech that still needed attention.

This inexpensive book helped me narrow it down to really one tongue formation that needed some work. So, we got to work. For the last couple months, off and on, I have been casually teaching my son to properly form these sounds. Speech therapy is not an overnight accomplishment, but it does still have lightbulb moments.

Super Star Speech gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to attack this problem, and it was then just a matter of time.

Last week as I changed little Eli's diaper, Nathan was jabbering away as usual. In response to a question I said the word "trick" and Nathan looked carefully at my mouth as I made that last sound. Suddenly his tongue went to work as it had so many times before, but suddenly, instead of "t" or a strange hissing sound, he made the "k" sound!

Anyone that has struggled or had a child struggle with speech can appreciate the thrill of that moment.

I got excited, "That was it, Nathan! That was the sound we have been trying for."

He did it again, and again, some better than others. Then he tried the "g" sound, and also had some success.

Grandma came over and Nathan ran up to show off his new found skill. Now we need to work on blending that sound into the words it fits with. She used to be "Dramma," but now she is suddenly "G--ramma." He always has to pause after making that new sound, but he's getting it.

So, the proof is in the pudding as they say (who knows why . . . ) I knew I loved this program in looking it over, but now we have seen success by implementing the strategies and information presented in this book.

I simply cannot recommend it enough. If you or someone you love needs an experienced guide to help in speech therapy, you absolutely must check out Deborah Lott's Super Star Speech. I wrote her a gushy email and she responded right away with a thank you. She just wants to help. So, I don't know which I appreciated more, the materials, or the lady behind them. Both are amazing.


Lisa said...

That's wonderful! I will definitely be lokking into this product. My almost 5 year old is struggling in some areas of speech and I have been looking for something to use. It is great that this product produced such wonderful results for your little boy!

6intow said...

I definitely recommend it. It still takes consistency (which I should have used more of) and some hard work and discipline, but we really appreciated it.

Lisa, welcome to the crew, btw!

Lisa said...

Thanks! I found out about The Old Schoolhouse and the Crew from reading your blog. Your reviews have inspired me to look into products I had never even heard of so Thanks again :)

Debra said...

Erin, that is so wonderful to read!! Even though it turned out that we really don't need speech therapy, I was so very impressed with Super Star Speech! I'm thrilled to hear about your son's breakthrough!