Thursday, June 24, 2010

Link love

I have read many great blog posts lately, and have written none. Typing one handed (while nursing) seems to scatter my thoughts.

But, I did want to share some treasures I have found elsewhere . . .

I really needed the reminder at Generation Cedar to deposit into my kids' love accounts. They need me to intentionally love them, which I don't do often enough and can't do too often.

Also, as I enter my second year on the TOS Crew, it is time to meet some new bloggy friends. Here are the first 10 of the 250 + on the Crew.

1. Alane Reaping a Harvest
2. Alexis Pink & Orange Coffee
3. Alina Live, Laugh, Learn!
4. Amanda Mrs. Mandy's Musings
5. Amber The Fantastic Five
6. Ambers Refined Metals Academy
7. Amy Just A Moment in Time
8. Angela Providence Farm
9. Angela My Journey
10. Angie Petra School

Some great homeschool moms from around the country, and you'll find some international ones as the year goes on.

Also loved this simple idea for jazzing up simple paperclips to use as book marks. Practical way tto add a little beauty to that pile on my night stand.

Five J's offers some helpful words for newer homeschoolers. The post also includes links to a number of other posts she has written on the topic of homeschooling.

I often enjoy Amy's beautiful posts and glimpses into her family's life as missionaries in Peru. This post from a couple weeks ago on worship is a perfect example of the powerful quotes she digs up and the artistic way she frames them.

Many more great words to learn from, but these are a sampling of what I have been digesting lately.

A newer website that I need more time to explore . . . Raising homemakers. Check it out, too.

Anyone else have a favorite link to share? Feel free to share the love for a bloggy friend.


Courtney said...

In line with love deposits: How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell. Good reminders.

Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the love bank thing I need to try that.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I was thinking about doing something to use for a bookmark!

I am from the TOS crew

Amy in Peru said...

those paperclips are SO cute!

so glad that you were blessed by my post. God is GREAT.

I remember those handful and lapful breastfeeding days. I try to remind myself how it was to homeschool during that to help me see past this stage of life, since we are most likely done (apart from the remote possibility of adoption).

LOVE a little extra on that baby for me! :)

amy in peru

Pebblekeeper said...

Thanks for the shout out. One handed nursing is when I learned the most about html and php. :) lots of time to read and browse, little to do but sit. :)
Happy Nursing and Crew Hopping!