Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Despite the fact that our school year has ended and the kids' teacher is on maternity "leave," the learning continues . . .

Character building -- Does this ever end? Most days I end up on the learning side of these lessons as well. Learning and relearning to put others first, seeking out Scriptures to grow our Christlikeness, finding God in the moment, intentionally placing God in our day, speaking gentle words. We spent quite a bit of time in Ephesians 4 this week and continue to strive to speak grace, build others up, and consider what is appropriate for the moment.

A fun trip to the playground uncovers a pond filled with tadpoles. Back home, we jump on the internet. What do they eat, how long will their growth take, how big will they get, what kind are they? Science and PE, covered.

Money from grandparents (a handful each from the penny jar -- big hands are actually a disadvantage here because they don't fit in the jar so easily). Learning stewardship, giving, saving, percentages. Math, covered.

Summer reading program at the library. Books devoured, recorded, discussed, shared. Reading, handwriting, narration, covered.

News from missionaries. Maps, background information, prayers. Geography, history, covered.

Birth certificate. Genealogies, family history, roots, research tools, connections. Making history personal. Lady Jane Grey is in our family line, anyone famous in yours?

And, life skills -- cooking, cleaning, manners, photography, baby care, growing sense of humor, sports, grocery shopping, pet care, covered.

I guess I should clarify when I say we are taking a few weeks off. We're just un-intentional-schooling for a little while.

Do you find learning sneaks its way into your day whether you plan it or think you have time for it or not?


Leah Biek said...

I love this. :) It's so awesome that even without sitting down and "doing school", our kids can still learn? Thank you for reminding me of this!!!

midwest mama said...

Absolutely, it's the "un-intentional" learning that really sticks with them, too.