Monday, November 24, 2008

Magnetic Menu

Always looking for ways to streamline activities in the kitchen, I came up with an inspiration that saves me time, mental energy and paper!

Each week I used to look at our schedule for the week and plan our menu accordingly. While most weeks look pretty similar, some slight variations always effect a few meals here and there. It also seemed that invariably as I would write up the menu I would erase and move and switch to accommodate something I had forgotten. Then, during the course of the week, plans would change and I would erase, draw arrows, etc.

I finally came up with the idea of putting the menu on magnets. We had some magnet paper around that you could run through the printer and then cut out however you want. So, I typed up our different meals. My husband graciously offered to print them out and cut them up then.

I also included labels for "Take out of Freezer," "Soak flour," "Make Bread," "Make Yogurt," and other such tasks that relate to meal preparation.

The extra pieces stay off to the side awaiting their turn on the schedule.

This simple project has enabled everyone to see what we are eating today, tomorrow, two days from now, without even needing to ask. And, when something changes, a quick switch of the magnets and a new plan is in place. I love simple solutions!

Great organizing tips at Works for Me Wednesday.

Edit 8/25/2009: I've been using this for nearly a year now, and still love it! I should have left a few blank pieces to fill in as time goes on, but it has needed very little tweaking in the months since we started it. We all love knowing what's on the menu, even if it is subject to change


Jamie said...

That is absolutely AWESOME! And inspiring too... :)

Jane said...

That is really neat!

Blessed said...

this is a great idea!

my WFMW tip is over at

gail said...

oh i LOVE this idea! i am going to have to copy you and start doing this. i have the same issues you had and this sounds like a great solution. love the added ideas too of those prep things that need to get done.

thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

That is a wonderful idea!

{ L } said...

How fun! Thank you for sharing. I would have never thought of this.

The Activity Mom said...

I really like that! i don't have that many recipes that we like =) so I'm still trying new ones once a week. What do you do if you find a new meal that you like? Do you just print up a new one or wait???

5intow said...

Activity Mom, good question. And, this was an issue that I didn't foresee at first (also a problem when we end up having a meal twice in one week and I don't have a duplicate label).

Now, I have a couple blanks to write in and then I can make new ones next time. If you run out of blanks, this is a great use for those magnetic business cards. Cut them up, put a piece of masking tape on them and write your new item.

Thanks for stopping in!


Home School Dad said...

Sounds Fantastic. Can't wait to use it!

Heather said...