Friday, August 22, 2008

Typical dinner conversation

Why does the wind blow?

Why does the wind blow differently in the sky?

Why is it sometimes windier than others? How come the wind often goes the same direction?

Why is Pluto now a dwarf planet?

Why did it take them so long to define what a planet really was, and then take so long to realize that Pluto didn't fit that definition?

Of course each of these precedes a bit of debate and logical reasoning as to why, when, personal opinion of each topic, and lots of explanation.

Do I have all the answers to these questions? hahahahahaha, no.

But, I love my computer. Without the internet we would be left to conjure up our own reasoning (which would generally end with, "just because.")

I found this really cool site on wind currents. It has some nifty graphics and cartoon astronauts that put wind flow in very easy to understand terms. Of course, their first example is a room with a fireplace in it which they say will heat the house. My son, a Mythbusters fan, quickly pointed out that fireplaces actually cool the house because they allow just as much cool air into the house through the chimney, thus counteracting their effective heating power. Great, I didn't really need to know that. He always has to know the REAL answer. In the end, the site did satisfy his answer and we could finish dinner in peace (except that then I had to blog about it, so they finished without me.) And, we also found a map with global wind patterns on it.

Your kids ask any questions that require outsourcing to answer?

Any other topics you have loved your internet for recently?


Becky said...

Hello :-) I enjoyed reading your blog today and a few entries past. I am home schooling my kids as well. You have some great insights, and I'm sure I will learn much from reading your blog.

5intow said...

Thank you, Becky, and welcome. I love your picture icon. That definitely sums up life some days . . . :-)

amada said...

YES! always! I too LOVE the internet. Sometimes we get WAY off track from what we were doing, but the kids LOVE to learn that way. I'm so glad to have the answers just a click away.

Trujillo, Peru

Luke said...

I love looking things up when I get asked questions. Most recently I stumbled upon the fact that the Phi Phenomenon was not Beta Movement, so I did a bunch of research and figured out the difference.

I don't outsource the answer, but I do find sources that enable me to provide the answer.