Friday, August 8, 2008

That's 'H' as in huh?

Sometimes we face the need to spell our names, email addresses or other pertinent information for other people to write down. At these times, sometimes one letter can easily get confused with another and it is helpful to have reference words to make sure you are all on the same page, or at least the same letter.

Today my husband was getting information from someone and they said, "O as in Olga." Hmmm . . . That's probably a good choice since not many other words sound like Olga. However, this also sparked a lunch time conversation at our house about other words that would not fit the part so well.

These are some we came up with . . .

Horribly long words:

- A as in antidisestablishmentarianism

- O as in octogenarian

- Z as in zoological

- S as in serendipitous

Then there are words that are useless because they sound nothing like the letter you are seeking:

- K as in knock

- P as in pneumonia

- G as in gnat

- C as in cheese

- S as in shine

- P as in phone

Some that just struck our fancy:

- W as in why

- D as in duh

- B as in bye

- C as in ‘click’

Or, you could trick them up by focusing on ending sounds instead:

- N as in administration

- S as in trains

- T as in mutant

Whatever way you choose, no reason to leave a mundane task as is, have some fun. :-)

And, if you are interested, here are the practical lists of 'official' words including the NATO list and the Western Union list. More practical, but not quite so fun as coming up with your own.

That's E as in eulogy, R as in mower, I as in incantation, and N as in Neanderthal.

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amada said...

heheheh. This is funny. It elicited several chuckles from me. :)

Trujillo, Peru