Monday, August 25, 2008

The silver lining

Every circumstance has more than one viewpoint.

Returning home from a meeting this evening I heard a good thing about rising gas prices . . . Fewer traffic deaths.

As prices rise, people drive less, more people stay alive! Could you ever imagine that those higher prices you cringe over paying are actually pro-life measures? Okay, I'm not going to lobby for continued higher prices, but even high gas prices can have a positive impact.

They said, we will soon sink to levels unseen since 1961! Amazing. Here is one article from a couple weeks ago on this interesting news info. Other factors obviously play into any statistic, but nonetheless, higher gases have definitely contributed to fewer accidents as people stay off the roads if possible.

Can I add this to the list of reasons I'm glad I homeschool? Two more reasons, gas prices and traffic fatalities!

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