Friday, August 15, 2008

Reap in massive harvest - knees needed: Praying during Ramadan

For the last couple years I have used the days of Ramadan to focus on praying for Muslims. I look forward to doing the same this year, and wanted to pass along a helpful prayer tool. An organization called 30-Days offers some suggestions and daily prayer emails throughout the month. If you sign up for their email reminders you can cancel after the month is over, or stay on it and be all ready to go for the next year. They send very few emails the rest of the year, so you don't need to worry about them cluttering your email box.

Please join, PRAY, and spread the word. I can't be everywhere in the world that I feel a call to minister to, but I can pray and still have that world-wide impact. Praying during the month of Ramadan is significant because most Muslims are focused on their spiritual lives during this time. I pray that God would open their eyes to the Truth during this unique opportunity.

The following is the information that I received today regarding prayer during the upcoming month of Ramadan:

30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World Ramadan 2008 / 1429: September 01 - September 30

Hey prayer partners,

with just 16 days before the start of our prayer time for Muslims, I am so excited.

I just had the privilege of praying for some 20 families who are going to totally UNREACHED Muslim people groups.

And you know what?

All those just back from the massive harvests had the same testimony:

"We got breakthroughs when God's people prayed."

One family had struggled for years without seeing any fruit. Over the last year 100 Muslims came to Christ. The breakthrough, they said, came after we targeted their Unreached People Group in prayer!

A middle-aged German women told of her hardships reaching M's, especially the men. She felt distanced by the culture and wondered how she could win any friends, let alone Christ-friends. Again, you and I had prayed for her region last year. Again, "all of a sudden they became interested to hear the Message".

WOW, when we pray, God answers!!!

WOW, when we pray, God sends!!!

WOW, when we pray, NOTHING can stop Muslims from hearing the Good News!!!

Be encouraged, let your faith multiply. Let's get people praying now!

If the idea of bringing God glory where there is currently no Christian witness stirs your soul, then help me help others to join the Lord directly in what he is doing.

  • Are you a Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, social network user? Tell your network about this prayer movement.
  • Do you have a blog? Use ours for automatic, daily feeds during Ramadan.
  • Do you have an email list? Forward these emails daily.
  • Do you have faith in God? Pray in Jesus name for Muslims to come to Christ. He is answering daily.

Be encouraged.

God is faithful!

Pass this email on to all you know, let's pray, let's change the world, together.


Thank you.
Blessings, Ron
May Jesus come Quickly

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