Friday, August 8, 2008


One reason I have enjoyed jumping into the blogosphere so much comes from the encouragement that I receive from other mothers, and homeschooling ones in particular. I often come across posts that give me great ideas to implement, recipes and schedules to try out, projects to enjoy with my children, and just plain old inspiration to keep on keeping on.

A blog that I have enjoyed in recent weeks called Generation Cedar has challenged my thinking and given me great motivation to continue on as mother and teacher with joy. I would encourage you to read this particular post on her site that has again both challenged and lifted me. I know I fall short of many of these descriptions of a homeschool mom, but I proudly join these ranks even with the constant reminder of the weight and responsibility I carry into that role.

Our homeschooling reasons are many, but I love the way this paragraph puts it:
Home school mothers are the heart of a traditionalist revolution that is driving life back into the homes. To these women, and the men blessed to be married to them, homes are no longer assets or places to share a microwave dinner at the end of an exhausting day of separation. Spreading like some beneficial virus, men and women are returning basic educational, economic, and social functions to home where they have always belonged.

Read on and be encouraged!

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