Thursday, May 22, 2008

Frugal Friday -- bug catcher

This time of year we spend loads of time outside. The warm weather draws out children like nailpolish on a sliver, and sometimes as painful. Along with the beautiful weather comes critters of all kinds. We enjoy spontaneous science classes and as much first hand observation as possible.

Also at this time of year we find ourselves with a desperate shortage of bug catchers. So, anything around us becomes a jail cell for the bugs we catch. I don't like my little ones carrying around the glass jars, although they do offer the best observation views.

We found our favorite way to keep and view bugs is with various old plastic containers, with a few modifications. First, we just poked holes in the lid, but then you have to take it off every time you want to see the bug. Then my husband came up with this upgrade to the standard margarine-bug tub:

After cutting away most of the lid we inserted a piece of an old screen from repairing window screens around the house. Just put that on the container, snap the lid back on, and there you have a handy-dandy bug catcher/watcher.

For another great, breath powered catcher, check out this site . . . My parents make a smaller version of this at a camp's nature center every summer. The kids there (and my own) have a blast with it.

Recycling and science go hand in hand that's for sure!

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Lisa said...

Very creative!