Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Works for me Wednesday -- phone numbers

How many scraps of paper cluttered my desk with random phone numbers of who-knows-who from who-knows-when?

I couldn't have told you.

But, all that has changed because of the simplest, silliest tip of all time.


Wait for it --

Write down the name whenever you write down a phone number.

I know, it seems too simple, but let me tell you it really works. ;) Taking that extra 5 seconds to jot the name of the business, friend or family member that the number belongs to has saved me a ton of time and kept my desk cleaner.

Now, when I find a number a few weeks later I know who it belongs to.
Now, I know if I can throw it away or write it in my address book.
Now, when looking for a number that I just wrote down yesterday, I know when I find it and don't end up calling for pizza instead of calling the library.

One little bonus tip that is somewhat related, always use pencil when writing in your address book. People move, get new cell phones, change their email, have more kids, move again, and change their phone service more times than you have space to write about. And, who wants a scribbley phone book anyway?

My MIL set this example for me and I cannot believe what a space saver it is and keeps my phone book current without being messy.

So, go ahead, friends, change your emails, move down the street or across the country, get a new cell phone -- my pencil is ready!

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'Becca said...

These are nice, practical tips, and I am so glad to see someone else who actually writes down phone numbers on actual paper instead of relying on her phone to save them! I've lost count of how many times in the past decade somebody has failed to get in touch with me and then acted totally innocent about it, blaming the phone for getting lost or broken or not knowing my number...even when I left voicemail in which I recited my number, people don't write them down anymore because they assume their phone will know! And then if they are using a different phone for some reason, they don't KNOW anyone's phone number because they rely on their phone's memory. It really bugs me! Anyway, I am glad to know there's still someone out there using an old-fashioned address book. :-)