Sunday, February 5, 2012

The first 10 of 1000 gifts

My journey begins.

Don’t remember exactly when I came across it. Probably first at Courtney’s blog, then I perused Ann’s blog, then a friend mentioned the book, then I won it in a giveaway from the House upon the Rock.

I started to read the book with my kids, but realized it dealt with topics too serious for their innocent ears. We left out major portions, but still captured the message – a need for gratitude if we wish to live fully.

The new awareness of life around me is soul stirring. Like getting a new pair of glasses, the world seems so much more defined than I ever realized. Each day jam packed with gifts from God that used to just blur into the background.

I have much to learn as God grows greater gratitude in my life and heart, but for now I begin to learn on the job . . .

1000 gifts

1. Shared mugs of cocoa

2. Bedtime snuggles

3. Quiet moments to sort out my thoughts at the end of the day

4. A full glass of refreshing water close at hand

5. Droopy eyelids on a nursing toddler

6. Days that stretch every parenting muscle till it aches

7. Resolution, character growth however small in these precious children

8. Friendships, true friendships, homegrown

9. Connecting with my own siblings over thousands of miles

10. Cookie dough fingers

Read more lists of 1000 gifts, beginnings and continuations, and start your own.


Courtney said...

Oh, how lucky you won it! I had followed along on her blog, and read the book last summer. Our local library system had about 100 copies and I was on a waiting list. I felt so happy there was a line to read it. Counting thanks was often a gorgeous silver lining in a rough storm. It kept me focused on God's goodness when Satan would have me swept under by circumstance. Enjoy your journey. It will change you!

I have my 9 y/o keep a thankful journal too, but hers is mostly about treats and trips. ;)

I left off for a month or so, and it was like taking off the glasses you mentioned. I like the intention of writing it down, looking actively for Him in my days.

Be well!


Christina said...

Welcome to the gratitude community! It's life transforming! Enjoyed visiting and reading your list.

Laura said...

Ahhh-you're in good company here-this gratitude community. Welcome!
Visiting from Ann's.
Looking forward to taking a few minutes to read some of your posts.
I'm sure I'm going to be glad I've found you.