Friday, October 29, 2010

Mission to India

Our little suitcase bank is bulging. Can't wait to rip it open and count it up at the end of next week.

This Passport to India program is amazing. I have been reliving a mission trip that I took there back in 1989. It has been helpful to add to our discussions from personal experience.

Today and yesterday we talked about persecution. Realizing again what a blessing we have to attend church freely, worship God freely, read the Bible freely. At the same time, we all feel the need to do more for those who don't share these freedoms.

Check out this video that will shake the complacency out of you . . .
What? You haven't been following along with Mission to India? It's not to late to jump in.
Another week of videos yet to come, but the first 8 are all up for viewing on the My Passport to India website.

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Luke said...

So glad My Passport to India has been such a blessing. Thanks for sharing a little of your experience!