Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 day challenge - intro

I'll admit I'm not really up for a challenge. Right now daily life is exciting enough for me, but this intrigued me, so as long as I can squeeze it in here and there, I'm game.

I came across this through Mama Manuscripts, and it finds its home at Katie's Journey. She set out to challenge people to blog for 30 days and she provides the topic. I doubt I'll hit everyday, but we'll see what we can do.

I'm starting off behind, but here is the day one topic: recent picture and 15 trivia bits (aka interesting facts).

Just me. Wife to one incredible man, "Mommy" to three littles and "Mom" to the three bigger ones. ;) Homeschooler, lover of God, explorer of Scripture, who dreams of one day sleeping full nights on a regular basis.

1. I don't like animals, especially when they try to live with me, and yes that includes my dog.

2. I expected to have two or maybe three kids. My husband had a role in convincing me otherwise.

3. Learning foreign languages is something I enjoy, for the first few days at least. I can speak various phrases in about 10 languages. I especially like to learn how to say, "I don't speak _________" in that language.

4. My siblings and I are all named in alphabetical order. I'm the fifth, so my name naturally starts with "E."

5. My biggest claim to fame is that our fourth child was born in the car four blocks from the hospital. My husband delivered her and then drove us, laughing, the rest of the way to the hospital. (The full story on our 7-11 delivery is also on my blog).

6. We spent a year working at a school in the Bahamas in our early years of marriage. Quite a rich year in terms of experience and faith building.

7. I am not remotely a picky eater. I like pretty much everything except: cranberry sauce (canned or fresh), cherry pie, tapioca pudding, and sloppy joes. And, even those I can eat without a twitch if it means I might offend by passing.

8. My husband knew I was the one for him when I yelled at the car driving 40 mph next to us for directions on our first real date.

9. I've been to about 20 countries.

10. Lived in Illinois my whole life except for one year.

11. Never pierced any part of my body.

12. Enjoy writing, but it is pretty low on the priorities right now.

13. For some weird reason, I enjoy public speaking also. Still get ridiculously nervous over it, but enjoy it nonetheless.

14. Used to think homeschooling was a pretty odd way to raise a child.

15. Currently live in a dorm at a residential school where we used to be house parents, and my in-laws live with us as well.

Enough about me. Hopefully the other topics will prompt some encouragement for you as well.


Very Blessed Mamma said...

I may need to take that challenge! LOL
I have tagged you.
Check it out here.

Rachel said...

Awwww. Erin!I loved seeing your piture! You look super. I miss you so much.