Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly wrap up - April 23

Time to get creative . . .

As the bookmarks move further and further toward the back of each school book, my kids' enthusiasm for completing the book builds, and they actually pick up speed. Because of this, my daughters both took their final English tests and we have stowed away Rod & Staff's third and fifth grade texts until the next child should need them.

So, next week I will have a little extra time to finish off 7th grade English with my son, and then we will all spend some extra time reading, reviewing parts of speech (which all of them can use), and then hopefully break out the IEW videos that were my "must have" item that sat neglected most of the year.

Within the next week or so Blake should wrap up Jacob's Algebra, Paige should polish off Saxon 7/6, and Brooke will finish first grade math with Abeka. Faith already jumped into fourth grade a month or so ago, so she's just at the beginning of a new "year" in math.

As far as other subjects . . .

History: We finished week 12 of MOH 3 and the kids had fun building pueblos out of cardstock. Paige (10) really got into this and built a whole house for her toys that grows by the day.

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Science: We worked through Module 7 of Apologia's General Science. I will post a more thorough summary of that next week as we really enjoyed "digging" in to fossils and other related topics. Here is a little sneak peak into our fossil creations:

We enjoyed a nature study on dandelions, which also deserves a post of its own, hopefully coming next week:

We had LOTS of samples for this nature study. Definitely no shortage of dandelions within walking distance of our back door.

Bible: I had a gift certificate to use at a small company and found this book we have really enjoyed for Bible time, Big Truths for Young Hearts. Each reading is filled with Scripture and a verse to memorize if you so choose and lots of sound, meaty information on specific doctrines. We discussed various attributes of God and now are digging into the Trinity. All the kids listen well and it has really given some great opportunity for my older kids to articulate their faith and ask pointed questions.

Bruchko is our current missionary biography, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. My daughter's only complaint is that he doesn't know how to end a chapter (because we can't finish one without having a strong urge to toss the rest of our schedule for the day and dive into the next one, and the next one, and the next). Some of the events are a little intense for young ears (flying spears, serious illness, infected legs, etc.), but once they are old enough to digest that, this is a wonderful book about God's leading and provision and a young man's determination to follow Him in reaching this never before contacted tribe in South America.

Other reading . . .
- We just finished Lad, a Dog, which met with mixed reviews in our family. It has some cute parts, but ran a bit long in my mind. Most of us were pretty well ready to put it away by the time it was over.

- We are also listening to The Bronze Bow and enjoying the characters and events. This story takes place during the time of Jesus and shares about a young pre-teenage boy as he struggles with the hated Roman occupation that took the lives of his parents, while unable to shake the impression left on him by this carpenter-preacher that he met through a friend.

In addition to that, we wrapped up our Keepers at Home club last week, with ballet and AWANA winding down soon, just in time for baseball season to take over.

My kids have amazed me at what they learn and grab on to. We have accomplished so much this school year, with just a few weeks to go now, and they have each learned and grown in ways I never expected. They don't always get excited about what I think they will, but they do continue to develop a love of learning in their own time and around their own interests.

How was your week? Be sure to see how others have wrapped up their weeks as well.


Jamie said...

Sounds like a great, productive week!

Kris @ WUHS and Eclipsed said...

I *love* getting close to the end of the year...almost as much at I love hands-on projects. The pueblos turned out great!

Thank you for your encouragement on my weight loss journey!

Amy in Peru said...

It sounds like you've accomplished a LOT!!

amy in peru