Friday, April 9, 2010


A while back I read the Purpose Driven Life and remember picking up a few encouragements from it, but didn't find it quite the rage that others had made it out to be.

But, a simple book that we currently use for our Bible time (while on inter-library loan) has really struck a cord with me. Simple lessons, incorporating Scripture and the shorter catechism have prompted wonderful conversations about our spiritual lives. This book has moved to the top of my "want to buy" list.

Many of us may find this line familiar: To glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We might even peg it as from a catechism. But, how much have I really uncovered the meaning of that comfortable phrase.

Author Starr Meade in Training Hearts and Teaching Minds goes through each of these questions, some more well known than others. Each question has a week of devotions to go along with it, allowing two years to complete the Shorter Catechism.

We only completed a couple weeks before having to return it, but I know this will "appear" on our bookshelves soon and can't wait to get back into it.

I know my purpose is to glorify God. I know that everything I do should have that mindset. But, I still needed this reminder that my primary purpose is His glory.

When His glory is my focus it doesn't matter if circumstances rise or fall.

When His glory dominates my thinking I won't dance with discouragement when my day doesn't go as I had anticipated.

When His glory sharpens my vision my sight won't blur with a change of direction or a stormy day.

When His glory retains my attention little else matters, because I can glorify Him regardless.

And, thankfully, He provided a Book that shows me how to bring Him glory. What a great God!

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