Monday, December 21, 2009

Something to think about

Our extended family Christmas celebrations have already wrapped up for the year, and now we look forward to a couple relaxing weeks off of school and work. Lots of time together as a family, lots of laughter, sleeping in, playing, and down time.

I received an email with this video that got me and the rest of my family thinking.

Really made me think, once again, about our priorities and choices at Christmas time. God gave His Son to save us, and to set the example for us to follow. Selflessness, humility, people-focused, service oriented, giving.

Made us think . . . What else can we do to show God's love to other's this Christmas?

What can we change in our Christmas habits and traditions to bring greater glory to God?

My son, 12 years old, especially recognizes that he doesn't need much. His basic needs are met, and he won't get much benefit from new or more video games, gadgets, or other temporary gifts. He asked for gifts for others. He received $490 of clothing, two soccer balls, Mosquito netting, and school supplies, of course all sent on his behalf to those that really need those things.

My daughters got boxes of stuff for the American Girls. Great gifts, they love them. But, what will really last longer? I pray I can be as selfless as my son when it comes to receiving gifts.

I can usually think of something that I "need." But, when I put that into the perspective of people dying from lack of clean water or warm clothing, it changes a bit. Or, people dying without a saving knowledge of the gospel. WOW, I don't need anything that I don't already have, and I could survive without half of what I already own.

This Advent Conspiracy group (that made the above video as well as an updated one for this year) doesn't take donations, they are just urging you to get involved, somewhere.

Who can you help?

Where can you volunteer?

What ministry can you get behind? So many of them are facing serious shortfalls right now.

Follow God's tugging on your heart, and scrape together some extra money, or return that gift that you or someone you know doesn't really need, and instead give a little more.

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