Saturday, September 19, 2009

weekly wrap up - September 18

You ever have one of those weeks that seem to act as a catch all for all those activities that had to get rescheduled? Yeah, that was this week.

All our fall activities are in full swing -- Ballet on Monday, AWANA on Wednesday nights, Soccer practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights with games on Saturday (two kids this year), Gym and Swim on Thursdays (along with 65 other kids!!!!!) Those things in and of themselves don't overwhelm me. They generally complement our school, don't take up much time, happen after our core school subjects have wrapped up for the day, and keep us all active.

However, this week also had our first homeschool support group meeting as well as our annual kick-off picnic that got rescheduled from August, our first Keepers' club of the year (more on that later), and a pioneer farm day they had rescheduled from the spring.

Fortunately, my next two weeks look to have only "normal" stuff, so hopefully we can rediscover normal after this craziness!

The highlights of the week:

A Monarch butterfly chrysalis on a tree outside our house (cannot describe the disappointment when we returned from soccer games today and could no longer find it!) :-(

We did lots of research and found this great site with lots of pictures of the Monarch caterpillar, Chrysalis and butterfly. We searched all the milkweed plants for more caterpillars, but couldn't find one. Oh well. It was amazing while it lasted.

Wednesday -- Homeschool Farm Day at the Bonner Farm in Lake County. The kids got to scrub laundry, raise a barn, explore the garden, pull a "plow," and churn butter. Lots of fun and discovery. A well organized event. As my friend said, "Now and then it is kind of nice to let someone else teach my kids." Don't worry, I won't and wouldn't want to get used to that, but we all enjoyed a fun, relaxing day none the less.

Raising the barn

Trying on the yoke with pales of water

Learning thankfulness for modern laundry days.

Practicing working together like a team of oxen

The brain:
We discussed the brain and enjoyed making these great brain hats from a website that some of my TOS Crew mates shared. Lots more fun stuff, but these hats were perfect for this week.

Today we enjoyed relaxing with other homeschool families in the beautiful weather that won't last much longer. Looking forward to some quieter days in the near future.

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AF Wife99 said...

Wow, what a schedule! Lots of activity going on there. Great pictures, looks like you had a good week.

Shannon said...

The farm looks like so much fun!

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Oh, wow! I love the brain hat! I'm so glad you mentioned it because I have a terrible time trying to keep up on the TOS forum, so I never saw it mentioned. I've saved a copy so that I can have it when we go through Nutrition 101 again. I really want to do it for high school health credit next year.

The farm day looks like so much fun! I love field trips like there where there are so many fun, hands-on things to do.

Great wrap-up!

Cheryl said...

Wow! I would have been crying in the corner. I don't know how you accomplished all that. Bravo!