Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Review: Little Blessings

These newest books in the Little Blessings series arrived in our home and immediately found themselves whisked away to the little one's bedrooms.

What Is the Bible? and Who Made the World? continue this series that put theological topics into the hands, minds, and vocabularies of the preschool set. My four and five year old especially loved them, but my eight and ten year old often lurked around to listen in as well.

The illustrations, drawn by Care Bear artist Elena Kucharik, portray the adorable, child-like simplicity reflected in the words. The author, Kathleen Bostrom, paints pictures with her words through simple rhymes.

Both books begin with a string of questions that you might hear from any child's lips -- Who made the World? Who made God? Is the Bible true, or just parts? Should I read it in order?

Following the questions comes a response, as if from a loving Father. As we read these answers together it was like snuggling up with God and finding the questions to their hearts' questions and curiosities.

The books close with more Scriptures to dig into another time as you read through the book. The words that God "answers" with are not straight from Scripture, but are based on specific verses, and you can find those verses listed in this back section.

The only disappointment I had came in the What is the Bible? book. It does mention that the greatest part of the Bible involves the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but I don't think it gave a clear enough picture as to why this incident holds the greatest importance when compared with any other in Scripture. I shared with my own kids how the Old Testament leads up to the cross, because without that we could not go to heaven. We must believe in order to enjoy salvation from the penalty of our own sinfulness. Fitting that message is sometimes difficult in a book that you want to have a warm loving atmosphere, but when you talk about the Bible, I don't think it can be skipped.

Although we needed to add this conversation to the book about the Bible, I am excited to have these books on my shelves. I don't hesitate to add books that I know I can encourage my kids to pick up and read to themselves or one another without any second guessing, or skipping parts.

If you have little ones in your house asking some of these questions that only kids can ask you might both appreciate the answers in these precious little books.

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