Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Calendar of memories


Kids love hearing stories of all the cute things they did when they were "little," but unfortunately, too many of those sweet habits, expressions, and memories are quickly forgotten.

Each of my children has a baby book filled, or not so filled, with memories of all their firsts. However, life keeps going after that, and I wanted a simple way to keep more of these moments protected from the erasing waves of time. With five kids I do not have time each day to journal for each of them, although I think that would be a great idea. And, with no crafty ability (and, again, not much time) I have not been sucked into the scrapbook vacuum, yet.

So, I devised my own method of recording and treasuring these memories.

I use a calendar. Each year we always receive a few freebie calendars in the mail from various companies and organizations. One goes on the wall by the phone for scheduling, and the other goes next to the computer for recording the moments that I wish were unforgettable.

This has worked so well for me. When I flip back through these quickly jotted memories I don't have to question the date it happened or the ages of the kids at the time, I find it all written on the day that it happened -- that first dentist appointment, the broken arm, the sweet mispronunciations, the sibling love, the academic achievements, the sporting events. All neatly stored in one little calendar that takes up hardly any room on a shelf or in a storage container when December 31 rolls around.

And, of course, the kids love pulling out the old ones and laughing over the silly things they did and looking forward to building more memories with each other.

That's what works for me.


Sarah Eliza said...

I really like that. :) No kids for me presently, but I'll definitely keep it in mind for when I have them... Great tip!

Kris said...

Love, love, love that idea!

Jennifer said...

That's a cool idea! I like that the date is "pre-recorded" and the calendar stores easily. Great tip!

Leo's mom said...

I do something similar and I agree, it's easy and is a great keepsake of the little memories and milestones. Thanks!

Grateful for Grace said...

Great idea!!

Blue Castle said...

This is a great idea! Just happens I have a couple "freebie" calenders I'm going to do this with. Thank you. :)